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We offer the following delicious flavours:


Khoya is made through the process of boiling milk to the perfect point to create the authentic taste from Southern Asia. We than blend the Khoya with our creams to perfection to bring the most authentic taste to you.


Our Mango kulfi sets the bar, using only real mangos with our rich blends of cream and milk, whipped to perfection.


Our nutty Pistachio Kulfi contains real pistachios mixed with our rich blend of cream and milk to produce the most authentic taste.


Our Almond Kulfi is whipped to perfection, using real almonds, rich cream and 100% Canadian milk.

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We offer the following delicious flavours:


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bombay kulfi

Found in FRESHCO

yummy kulfi

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Our Story

King Kulfi and Ice Cream Inc. is an Indian frozen dessert manufacturing company located in the Greater Toronto Area. Well established for over a decade, King Kulfi is a proud family owned business, driven primarily by motivated people passionate about sharing the pleasure of their extraordinary frozen dessert, prepared by their unique, famous, family recipe.

Kulfi is a famous dairy dessert historically originating from South Asia, made from a blend of rich cream and milk. Our factory uses 100% Canadian milk, blended for a period of time until a fluffy finish is realized. Our flavours range from Mango, Pistachio, Strawberry, Almond and Khoya. We only use authentic ingredients, with real nuts, mangoes and almonds, creating a rich, creamy, dense, finish. Each one of our ingredients has been carefully sourced and blended to ensure that we bring you the most authentic taste of South Asia.

We have founded the company on the principle of only using the finest premium quality ingredients, and by using that same mantra, we have continued to grow throughout the years. Our continued growth and success lies in our never ending passion in delivering a top quality product, along-side, our much valued consumers, who have loved, trusted and spread our product.

Thank you for allowing us to continue bringing our Kulfi, from our family to yours.

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